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Now screening:
Rainer Ganahl  I Hate Karl Marx 
8/1 - 8/4

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Magsamen and Hillebrand  Air Hunger (Bathroom) 

Omer Fast  CNN Concatenated

Rainer Ganahl

I Hate Karl Marx 

2010, video, 5:43 min.

“Set in the year 2045, this work imagines Karl Marx reincarnated as Chinese. He controls the world, and the entire world is Chinese, speaks Chinese, dresses and eats Chinese (the same way it is today with English/American culture.) Marx's specter haunts the world, and cannot be stopped by any capitalist alliance. The young German lady speaking and screaming entirely in Chinese suffers a meltdown in front of Marx' statue on Karl Marx Allee, expressing her discontent and opposition.

Disclaimer: I love Karl Marx and I love China! I have been studying Chinese since 1999 and organizing Marxist reading groups since the mid-1990’s. The intention of this video is not to sound anti-Chinese, but to address xenophobia and a vague fear of China in the West. Unfortunately, given the current political tensions between the U.S. and China and the constant expansion of Chinese hegemonic powers and influence on so so many fronts, my video work is not losing relevance. Despite that, the work needs to be seen within the spectrum of my art making, and can’t be reduced to a purely political work.”
                                                                                  - Rainer Ganahl

 Rainer Ganahl

  in conversation with Sara Shaoul, July 2020

 A conversation with Rainer Ganahl about the  pandemic, the ideas   behind  this work, and how it  looks to him today.

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