While our brick and mortar space remains closed, 601Artspace would like to extend a call for submissions to create a storefront-based exhibition of works that can be viewed from the exterior of 88 Eldridge Street (see images below.) We invite both individual artists and groups to propose a site-specific installation that can include, but is not limited to:

  • Artworks and/or installations displayed inside our window (and lit appropriately) so they can be seen from the sidewalk
  • Printed vinyl images installed on part or all of the glass panels
  • Lightweight banners or fabric works that can be hung from our exterior

The chosen artist/s will also have the option of creating an online complement to the exhibition. Transportation of works and installation will be coordinated by 601Artspace, at no cost to the artist/s. Financial support is available for materials and fabrication, and an honorarium of $1000 will be awarded for time and labor.

To apply, please submit ONE PDF with the following information to proposals@601Artspace.org by July 1, 2020, with STOREFRONT/YOUR NAME in the subject line:

  • Up to 300 words describing the concept of the exhibition
  • A schematic design or detailed sketch of the storefront
  • Up to 10 supplemental images or sketches of the intended works
  • A general budget for materials and fabrication

601Artspace will work closely with the chosen artist/s on all technical specifics of preparation, fabrication and installation, as well as on all safety concerns. The schematic below is intended for preliminary planning purposes only - additional measurements and modifications may be necessary. Questions can be directed to proposals@601Artspace.org.

In this image of our storefront, a semi-translucent vinyl image was applied to the interior of the windows as part of our last exhibition.

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