Our current exhibition 49.5 set out to explore the themes of women, power, images and politics. Conceived of in the pre-Covid era, it was delayed by many months and opened in November 2020, just as we awaited election results. The prospect of a woman in the White House loomed large, and the show’s themes felt particularly prescient. As 49.5 now prepares to close at the end of February, we are considering power through a different lens. This past year has been defined by profound loss and disempowerment for many of us. As we account for and process our loss, we are also looking for ways, both individually and communally, to reclaim our power and purpose.

601Artspace invites you to participate in a curated online exhibition addressing the themes of loss and empowerment, to be featured on our website in February and March 2021.


To Submit:
In one email, submit up to 5 images or video works that address the themes of loss and empowerment, along with the artist's name(s), title, year, materials, and dimensions. Please include up to to 100 words of context about each work. Send submissions to by February 10th at 11pm. Chosen works will be featured on our website and Instagram in February and March, 2021. 

Image: Rebecca Fortnum, “Prosopopoeia (Claudel, unknown i)”, Oil on gesso panel, 25×20cm, 2019. Courtesy of the artist.

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