Robert Blake (1952-2023)

It is with extreme sadness we announce that our dear friend and founding team member Robert Blake died on October 11, 2023. Robert’s urging was the primary impetus for growing 601Artspace from a private viewing room to the vital public-facing organization it is today. Because his contributions were so varied and numerous, the only title that seemed inclusive enough for his role was Director of Special Projects. 

Robert Blake was a multi-media and performance artist, photographer, educator, and author. Mr. Blake directed The General Studies Program of the International Center of Photography in New York from 1985-2008. He was visiting artist at the Ecole Superièure Nationale de la Photographie in France in 2008, and curator of “Affinities, Alignments, Collisions,” in 2008 at 601Artspace. In 2005, the Rencontres d’ Arles commissioned his multi-media performance and projection work “I am not a Photograph,” presented in Arles, France. Mr. Blake was the recipient of an Etant Donnée grant for his solo exhibit, “Legend,” in Paris, in 2000. He was co-founder with Susan Jahoda of the performance art group Hybridaxe, active since 1992.


Curated by Sophie Landres
Oct. 7, 2023 - Jan 7, 2024

In art, rotation has long been an aesthetic device for depicting incarceration as both a real and allegorical state. It can signal the ebbs and stagnations of movement as both a spatial and political phenomenon. Spinning in Place was organized to explore rotation through a hazily post-pandemic lens. It presents sculptures, paintings, film, kinetic objects, installation, prints, and drawings by Shimon Attie, Jamal Cyrus, Kim Dacres, Craig Kalpakjian, Mernet Larsen, Jorge Macchi, Jonathan Monk, Bettina Pousttchi, and Aura Satz. In these works, rotation appears within social movement and social mobility, cyclical histories, the panoptical gaze of surveillance, the machinations of time, and both the virtual and architectural quarters in which we spend our time and from which we barely move. More here.


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