Marie-Noële Guex and Christophe Fellay
601Artspace, 88 Eldridge Street, NYC

From July 24th to August 3rd, artists Marie-Noële Guex and Christophe Fellay presented a series of immersive live performances and open rehearsals exploring the theme of traces. Traces are a recurrent material in both Guex and Fellay's work; they are defined by their existence in the present, yet they usually refer to the past (photographs, recordings, memorabilia) and sometimes serve as a source material for the future (music scores, maps). While traces might appear to be humble remnants, they possess an abstractive power that can lead our imaginations beyond the object or event they arose from.

Fellay and Guex used the 601Artspace gallery both as a venue for performances, and as a workspace to process new material, rehearse, and improvise. During “open studio” hours the public was invited to watch and listen, engage with the artists and, if they desired, participate in the making of a new performance, F SHARP BRIGHT ORANGE.

Ansteys Building, Thursday July 25th, 6:30pm
Peripheral Vision, Saturday July 27th, 6:30pm
This Is The Time, Sunday July 28th, 6:30pm
Shuffle, Thursday August 1st, 6:30pm
F SHARP BRIGHT ORANGE, Saturday August 3rd, 3pm – 6pm

Open Studio Hours:
Wednesday, July 24th, 3-6pm
Friday, July 26th, 3-6pm
Wednesday, July 31st, 3-6pm
Friday, Aug 2nd, 3-6pm

Performance Descriptions:

(2007), created by Christian Marclay, performed by Christophe Fellay and Marie-Noële Guex.

To create Shuffle, Christian Marclay photographed musical notation on objects and in locations all over the world, including shop awnings, chocolate tins, T-shirts, underwear, and other unexpected places. These photographs are presented as a deck of cards, which Fellay and Guex used as a spontaneous musical score.

Peripheral Vision (2019), created and performed by Christophe Fellay (drums, electronics), Marie-Noële Guex (video), and Rhea Karam (drawings).

In collaboration with street artist and photographer Rhea Karam, Peripheral Vision was presented in two parts. First, one of Karam's visual works were put in motion, unraveling in time alongside Fellay's musical intervention. Second, Karam engaged with one of Guex's video pieces by drawing live on the video's projection, creating a temporary trace.

This Is The Time (2014-2019), created by Marie-Noële Guex. Performed by Christophe Fellay (drums, electronics), Marie-Noële Guex (video), and Jill Sigman (dance).

This Is The Time is an experimental performance exploring ways in which images (Guex) can be used as a living material interacting with dance (Sigman) and music (Fellay) in real time, and not as a pre-recorded object.

Ansteys Building (2013), created and performed by Christophe Fellay (drums, electronics).

For Ansteys Building, Christophe Fellay captured sound and visual impressions from the 14th floor of an office building in the Central Business District of Johannesburg, South Africa. During the performance he interacted with these urban soundscapes to create a composition that opens a window into downtown Johannesburg.

F SHARP BRIGHT ORANGE (2019), created and performed  by Christophe Fellay (drums,electronics) and Marie-Noële Guex (video)

F SHARP BRIGHT ORANGE was an afternoon of improvisation with live music and video projections. Guex and Fellay performed a series of short pieces inspired by the contributions of fellow artists and participants from the "open studio" hours.


MARIE-NOËLE GUEX is a visual artist who collaborates regularly with musicians and dancers. For the past fIve years, her work has focused on the representation of movement and the intricate relationship between time, sound, and motion.

CHRISTOPHE FELLAY is a sound artist, musician, composer and performer. He has composed music for orchestras, string ensembles, string quartets, chamber orchestras, jazz ensembles and solo instruments. He has made interdisciplinary works, sound installations and performances. His practice focuses on acoustics, architecture and interaction between humans and machines.

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