Thursday, July 18th, 6-9pm
601Artspace, 88 Eldridge St., NYC

Organized by Gabriela Vainsencher

Install/Deinstall was a 3-hour long group exhibition that condensed the three main events in the life cycle of every show: the installation of the work, opening night, and deinstallation of the exhibition. Artists included in the show brought their self portraits with them to the opening and installed them upon arrival. When they were ready to leave, they deinstalled and took their work with them.

While some of the works in the show were straight-forward self portraits, many of the artists included in this exhibition do not work in a representational manner, and were invited to create their own riff on the concept. Each artist brought two versions of themselves to the exhibition: one was their actual physical person, and the other was their visual echo, the self portrait, which like a persistent shadow insists on following the artist in and out of the gallery. The exhibition sprung into being, existed ephemerally as works were added and taken away, and then disappeared, along with the last artist who left the opening.

Artists in the exhibition:

Samantha Adams    Reut Asimini    Tirzah Bassel    Keren Benbenisty    Ryan Brennan
Jude Broughan    Lindsay Burke   Sari Carel    Noa Charuvi    Kim Dacres    Jennifer Dalton    Mira Dayal    Hsini Des    Jamie Diamond    Andy Van Dinh    Janna Dyk    Ira Eduardovna    Kate Elliot    Derek Fordjour    Pricsilla Fusco    Marie-Noële Guex    Susan Hamburger    Bang Geul Han + Steven Mygind Pedersen    Nora Herting    Seong Eun Hong      David Howe    Lisa Iglesias    Sareh Imani    Roxanne Jackson    Katarina Jerinic    Jac Lahav     Elizabeth Tannie Lewin    Sharon Madanes    Katy McCarthy    Summer McCorckle    Andrew McNay    Sara Mejia Kriendler    Naomi Miller    Patrick Carlin Mohundro    Megan Pahmier    Alexander Perrelli    Sofi Quirno    Paul Ramirez Jonas    Rebecca Riley    Jason Rondineli    Arkadiy Ryabin    Naomi Safran Hon    Gabriela Salazar    Sara Shaoul  Zorawar Sidhu    Elisabeth Smolarz    Elisa Soliven    Jane Swavely    Kevin Swenson    Fabian G Tabibian     Tattfoo Tan    Michael Wilson

Photographer: Shateek Mitchell
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