Chloë Bass

We say love (Triptych)
2019, Digital collage, dimensions variable.   
See complete triptych here

We say love is one of a series of works produced using cropped images from the New York Public Library's Media Collection. In the summer of 2018, (with the assistance of Duanduan Hsieh) I looked through every image in the Media Collection's ‘family’ folders, searching for representations of non-white or mixed race families. Hsieh and I found a total of 47 images in a collection of thousands, raising questions of representation, but also of how we learn to visually identify familial groupings in the context of normative American media. This research was part of my larger project Obligation to Others Holds Me in My Place, a study of intimacy at the scale of the immediate family.”


Richard Artschwager

1968, mixed media on masonic, 44 1/8 x 37 3/4 inches.

“Sculpture is for the touch, painting is for the eye. I wanted to make a sculpture for the eye and a painting for the touch.” (quote via Xavier Hufkens)

Dov Talpaz

On a Skype Call
2015, Paper Collage, 9 x 5 inches.

“In Richard Artschwager’s Untitled, I see the work coming not from a child’s point of view, but from the perspective of an older man looking back into a memory of his past. As an immigrant who came to the US over twenty years ago, I’ve been living far from the rest of my family for a long time. This paper collage was made a few years ago, when Facetime conversations were just becoming widely available. In On a Skype Call, I wanted to depict the contradiction of emotions and the affection I was experiencing towards my parents at that moment, alongside the inherent remoteness in having an intimate conversation over the phone screen.”

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