Constance DeJong performs at 601Artspace

“I always said I’m just an instrument; I’m transparent, like a medium, the language passes through me. Which is a bit like saying I’m a recording device, I start and I go.”

- Constance DeJong (in conversation with Tony Oursler)

In conjunction with our current exhibition, I Can't Tell You Because I Can't Tell You, 601Artspace is delighted to present a performance by Constance DeJong of a selection of her texts, as well as the world premiere of her new work, Bedside.

Sunday, October 15th, 2017 at 4pm
88 Eldridge Street, NY, NY
Doors open at 3:40, seating is limited.

Constance DeJong is American artist, writer and performer having worked for over three decades on narrative form within the context of avant-garde music and contemporary art. DeJong has always extended her prose into multiple forms of performance, audio installation, printed text, electronic objects, audio and video works. Considered one of the progenitors of media art, or “time-based media,” DeJong shapes her art of narrative with an intricate attention to content and literary form.

In 1983, DeJong composed the libretto for the Philip Glass opera Satyagraha. She has collaborated with Tony Ourlser on numerous performance and video works including Relatives, 1990, and Fantastic Prayers, 2000, with Tony Oursler and Steven Vitiello. She published and performed SpeakChamber with Bureau in 2013. Her first book, Modern Love, 1977, was re-issued in 2017 by Ugly Duckling Presse, co-published by Primary Information. DeJong recently performed material from Modern Love at The Kitchen, New York, in 2017.

Image: DeJong performing at The Kitchen, 2017, photo by Gabriela Vainsencher.

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