Emanuele Crotti

HYMN TO ATON, Berlin, 2015, 2100 rolling papers, spit, fire, abandoned airport, 220x120, destroyed by the artist, photographer: Paola Verde

Repetition as an act of Devotion: the Dance of the Sufis, the Rosary of Catholic Nuns, the Mantras. When the Body is constrained into a pattern of movements, the Mind is set free,  it ascends and travels beyond.
Destruction as an act of Devotion: the sacrifices of the Aztecs, the Bonfires of the Sabbath, the Mandalas.
We are passing-by creatures longing for Eternity. The Contemplation of Destruction is enlightening our Essence.

With my own saliva I glue thousands of pieces of paper together to weave a shapeless tapestry. Then I burn it.
These are my “Burning Prayers.” 

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