This Must Be The Place

Jude Broughan
Leah Busby
Abby Cheney
Emanuele Crotti
Ekaterina Gerasimenko
Peter Hoffmeister
Ibticem Larbi
Yifan Wang

The world is on fire. Fear stalks our empty streets. A school becomes a hospital. Soap saves lives. The artists in this exhibition process our current reality by revisiting prescient metaphors within past work, and capturing new narratives as they emerge, from the strangely mundane to the terrifying. One artist in particular is in a unique position to offer both testimony and warning. Yifan Wang’s “I’ll Believe Your Demons” bears witness to the brutal toll Covid-19 has taken on their home city of Wuhan by weaving together footage from social media, a Wuhanese hip-hop track and their own commentary.

What will the world look like tomorrow? 

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