Four Artists Show Their Work  

An Art Conversation at 601Artspace

Sunday, Dec 4th, 2022 at 1pm
601Artspace, 88 Eldridge Street

Tirtzah Bassel
Patrick Costello
Gracelee Lawrence
Alexander Si

"Show Your Work", the group exhibition we co-curated at 601Artspace, is about the various kinds of labor and work that go into making art. Some artists' process is extremely labor-intensive, while others mine the poetic effects of doing less and less. Some artists do everything themselves, while others delegate.

In response to this exhibition, we asked four artists we admire who are not in the exhibtion to share an artwork from their practice with us. More specifically, we asked: "What kind of labor goes into the making of this art?" The answers we got are as diverse as the artistic practices they represent. This event will consist of four 10-minute long presentations by these artists, moderated by the curators, followed by a lively talk. It will also be the last day to see the exhibition!

We look forward to seeing you there, 
Sara Shaoul and Gabriela Vainsencher 

About the artists: 

Tirtzah Bassel
is a visual artist based in Brooklyn. Her figurative paintings and site-responsive installations draw attention to the presumed neutrality of ubiquitous spaces like airports and supermarkets, and Canon in Drag – a series of paintings in the style of iconic artworks – subverts the authority of canonical images through gender flipping and altered narratives.
Rooted in collaboration and performance, and often incorporating his background in printmaking, Patrick Costello’s work spans the disciplines of drawing, sculpture, gardening, and theater. Making projects informed by queer and intersectional feminist practices, he collaborates with other artists, participants, and viewers to create spaces for collective transformation, wild imagining, and utopian possibility. These attempts at temporary world-building are ephemeral moments to remember how to feel human at this time in history, and how to practice what our humanity might ask of us.

Gracelee Lawrence’s work deals with relationships between food, the body, and technology. It is born in the transfigurative space between physical and digital reality, exploring the ways in which bodies are both gendered and metaphorically fragmented in terms of capitalist-driven material desires, physical sustenance, and the digital spaces we inhabit.

Alexander Si is a multidisciplinary, project-based artist whose body of work documents and examines subjects in American popular culture that expose invisible labor, class and racial disparity, and the mental and behavioral repercussions of media and technology. Working at the intersection of sculpture, performance, video, and installation, Si uses hacking, staging, acting, and fabrication to lift these common scenarios out of its context and document their sociological consequences.

Image: Tirtzah Bassell, “La Menarquia (after Diego Velázquez)”, 72”x84”, oil on canvas, 2022. Courtesy of the artist and Slag Gallery. 

Image on landing page: Gracelee Lawrence,  Rendering of Just Behind the Leg, 2022. Courtesy of the artist. 

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