Remediation Rite 5683

Choreography: Jill Sigman, Video: Marie N. Guex, Music: Christophe Fellay, Headdresses: KymKym, Performers: Donna Costello, Anice Jeffries, Kate Kernochan, Gary Lai, Larissa Sheldon, Jill Sigman, Ricarrdo Valentine, Medium: Video, Date: 2013

Remediation Rite 5683 choreographically imagines a future in which our relation to the natural world has changed radically. Seven people are exorcising contagion, looking for the last bees, or making a pilgrimage to a place they once lived that is now uninhabitable. Maybe they return in their protective gear to mark an anniversary or ask for intervention. This video evokes the connections between climate, disease, ecological damage, and the loss of communal life as we know it.


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