The Fungus and The Future 

Yura Adams
Antonia Dias Leite
Daniel Fernandes
Ghost of a Dream
Sylwia Gorak
Catarina Lopes Vicente
Rachel Rampleman
Jill Sigman
Jess Willa Wheaton

Our thoughts flip and flop at lightning speed between the contents of our refrigerators and the fate of the world. We now live in a whiplash-inducing push and pull between the personal and the global, the concrete and the unknown. The artists in this exhibition look beyond the immediate concerns at hand to focus their micro and macro lenses on the Earth itself. They meditate on the oft-overlooked minutiae of the natural world, and prophesize about the planet's imperiled future. And, lest it all become too much, one work offers a little unbridled optimism, by way of (who else) Beyoncé.

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