Part One: Ways to Disappear on a Sofa...and Other Stories

Bruna D’Alessandro
Corinne Botz
Aisling Hamrogue
Ak Jansen
Melissa Joseph
Kate Stone
Svetlana Tsoy
Alona Weiss

The first installment of our exhibition takes its name from a video work by artist Alona Weiss. Home now means both confinement and refuge. We are palpably alone, or we are in an unnaturally endless engagement with whomever we share a space. We are making masks, we are staring at our screens, we are doing nothing. We peer out our windows with both longing and apprehension. We probably all spend more time in the bathroom, which for some is our only escape. This is our new normal.

Click on each image to enlarge, and learn more about its creator and context. If you’d like to comment, meet us on Instagram, where each work will also be posted. 

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