As a starting point for this exhibition, we chose favorites from our collection, and asked artists to suggest works to pair with them. The result is a set of “triptychs,” in which a work from our collection is bracketed by two submissions, a proximity brought forth through the alchemy of digital call and response.

Artworks don’t exist in a vacuum - their meanings evolve in relationship to time, place and context. In part three of this exhibition, collection works by William Powhida, Oasa DuVerney, Maurizio Cattelan and George Boorujy are ushered into a dynamic new set of conversations with six artists chosen from those who responded to our call.

KS BREWER                                                                                                                     WILLIAM POWHIDA                                                                SHELLYNE RODRIGUEZ

JODIE LYN-KEE-CHOW                                                                                                                            OASA DUVERNEY                                                                   MICHAEL DIXON 

VALERY JUNG ESTABROOK                                                                                        MAURIZIO CATTELAN                                                                        SALVADOR MUÑOZ

NOEL HENSEY                                                                                 GEORGE BOORUJY                                                                                                       ELINA CERLA 
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