2019 Summer Session Calendar

Mueller Report Fan Fiction with Liz Zito
Thursday, June 13th at 6:30pm

This multi-media presentation and performative reading features an accumulation of appropriated news material compiled over the past two years - not coincidentally, the same timeframe during which Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III was investigating and writing his now famous report. Since the release of the Mueller Report in March 2019, Zito has been filling in the redactions with her own absurdist humor, while composing a noir-like narrative which follows Mueller’s investigative process.

Monkey Wrench
Opening: Thursday June 27th, 6-8pm
Exhibition runs from Friday June 28th - Sunday July 7th

In this collaborative site-specific installation, Kelsey Tynik and Hannah Foster celebrate transgression and the imperfect through humor and play. Inspired by the notion of the carnivalesque, the artists obliterate the boundary between body and art by inviting guests to stroke, touch, prod, and investigate their interactive works.

Wishcraft for Artists
July 7th, time TBD

Artist and Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner Shauna Cummins will present a workshop within the Monkey Wrench installation on self-hypnosis as a practical and powerful tool for self-actualization. In a special Wishcraft ceremony she will share simple self-hypnosis tricks and tips to help bring intentions into action, followed by a guided hypnosis journey into the imaginal mind and a special wishing ceremony. 

Species - Monsters - Things Artificial
July 10th, 6:30pm

Pala Garcia (violin), John Popham (cello), and Hannah Levinson (viola) perform compositions by Alvin Lucier, Suzanne Farrin, Catherine Lamb, and Daniel Fox that explore interchanges of energy and agency between performers and instruments. In a new arrangement of Lucier's Lovesong, a 12 foot length of music wire will mediate an exchange of vibrational modes as the violin orbits the cello.

Happy Endings: Experiments in Romance Writing
July 14th, 2-5pm

Artist/writer Patty Gone (author of Love Life) and writer/yoga instructor Claire Donato (author of To Hell, With Boundaries) will guide participants through the fiction of love, drawing inspiration from its oracle, Danielle Steel, the best-selling American novelist of all time. This workshop will feature exercises, love letters, and rituals that uncover the cultural complexities of romance fiction.

July 18th, 6-9pm

A group show of self-portraits featuring over 50 artists in which the installation, opening, and de-installation of the show have all been condensed into a single event. Each artist brings two versions of themselves to the exhibition: one is their actual physical person, and the other is their visual echo, the self portrait. Curated by Gabriela Vainsencher.

F Sharp Bright Orange
July 25 – Aug 3, time TBD

Using the gallery as a lab, sound artist Christophe Fellay and visual artist Marie Noele Guex collaborate with a variety of guest artists to create a series of five immersive and participative live performances exploring the shared sensory language of visual art and music

The Self-Esteem Salon®
August 8-11, time TBD

This summer, The Self-Esteem Salon® will present a variety of public programs, including music, meditation, activist training for protestors, event planning for LGBTQ weddings, discussion groups on contemporary issues, and appointments for experimentation with identity and portrait photography. This performance of The Self-Esteem Salon®, founded in 1997, will honor the fiftieth anniversary of The Stonewall Riots.

My Pizza, My Idea
August 17-20, 1-6pm

My Pizza, My Idea! is a conceptual pizza business created by Donna Oblongata and Patrick Costello. Participants hand-make a pizza and screen print it’s box. which a uniformed cyclist delivers to the recipient of their choice. “Nourishment is best served as a surprise!” 

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