Zorawar Sidhu

The Last Day of Pompeii, after Karl Bruyllov, 2016, Latex Print on Backlit Film, 149 x 86 x 92 inches

The Last Day of Pompeii was made in the summer of 2016, during the Trump presidential campaign, Brexit, and incidences of terror around the globe in a year that only worsened for many. Here, a life-size reproduction of Karl Bruyllov’s monumental painting of the explosion of Mount Vesuvius is installed on the windows and doors of a glass atrium. Architecturally this is a liminal space, an intermediate threshold between inside and outside worlds, as well as a space to dread the imminent collapse of the world as we know it.  In the current pandemic, The Last Day of Pompeii  literalizes this fear of going outdoors.


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