Peter Hoffmeister

Blueprint 2.0010, 2010, Cyanotype, 15 x 20 inches

Like a lot of artists, I've been reorganizing my studio, and reevaluating older work.  This piece is from a series of cyanotype prints titled Rooms, Halls, and Rivers that I concluded several years ago. The cyanotype process is how blueprints were reproduced in the 19th century; by combining political borders, streets, rivers, and architectural floor plans, I created new "blueprints" for entities that could never be physically constructed.  Not necessarily utopic or dystopic, they gesture towards a state of flux and a restructuring of our built environment. The responses to the COVID-19 pandemic—border closures, reduction of travel, and the fact that we are mostly spending time indoors—cause this series to resonate in a new, unanticipated way. 


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