Join us at 601Artspace from June to August for Summer Sessions, a series of events, screenings, micro-exhibitions and all manner of gatherings related to art and art practices.

Past events (click to see images) 
Install/Deinstall (June 14th) 
Fallen Sky (June 20-July 7) 

Here’s what’s coming up in the next month:

Railing Codex

An interactive exhibition by Pararailing
July 11 to 21, 2024
Opening reception: Thursday July 11, 6-8pm

Railing Codex is an installation, a community printshop, and a collective dictionary created by Pararailing (Jie Shao, Sixing Xu and Xuecan Ye), their friends, and friends of their friends. Launched in 2022 as a response to the slippage of meaning that marks our post-pandemic world, Railing Codex invites cultural practitioners—artists, curators, writers, poets, scholars, and arts workers—to each contribute a dictionary definition for a word. The exhibition at 601Artspace will bring the first three volumes of Railing Codex into a physical space: each entry is presented as a self-inking stamp, and viewers are invited to create their own prints and montages of meaning. Come make one.

The Collective Womb

A performance created by Alexandra Neuman, co-directed by Raychel Ceciro, Logan gabrielle Schulman, and Alexandra Neuman.

Friday, July 26 at 6pm
Saturday, July 27 at 2pm

Read about the project in Hyperallergic here!

The Collective Womb is a matriarchal creation story in which abortion is recognized as an ecological redistribution of life-force. Staged on a large mound of soil, the performance celebrates the macro-scale creative power of our planet and the micro-scale creative power of each individual womb. This immersive gathering will include movement, mythmaking, earth worship, and giant puppets.

Performers include: Irisdelia Garcia, Misha Volf, Kiki Milner, Teshale Nuer, Hsiao-Chu (Julia) Hsia, Nic Koller, Blaze Hubbell, Amanda Stambrosky, Federica Cuzzaniti. Costuming by Lagoon New York (Amalya Meira & Logan Blagg)

Rhythm of Touch

A multimedia exhibition curated by Elisa Gutiérrez Eriksen featuring wei and Katie Hubbell 
Aug 1 - 11, 2024 Opening reception Aug 1, 6-8pm

Rythm of Touch is a multimedia exhibition and sonic exploration that investigates forms of “being with” others.

In take care now (2024) Katie Hubbell orchestrates a meditation on slowness and shared aliveness through  multiple sculptures that combine moss, chicken wire, and paper pulp with sound and video works.

Ensemble (2024) by wei celebrates in-betweenness while reconsidering the boundaries of bodies in space. The installation features a series of wax objects with contact microphones that amplify the movements and vibrations of physical touch, and will be activated in two performances during the opening and closing receptions.

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