Part Four opened May 3rd: Friends and Family

Part Three opened April 25th: The Fungus and The Future

Part Two opened April 16th: This Must Be The Place

Part One opened April 9th: Ways To Disappear On a Sofa.. and Other Stories

When we launched an open call on March 25th for an online exhibition, with only a tongue-in-cheek song lyric as a theme, we had no idea what would happen. Would people respond, or were they too busy adjusting to the demands of our altered reality? 

What we received was an amazing outpouring of work and words. People sent notes of support and thoughts about what was happening in their lives. We heard from artists we don’t know from around the world, and artists we know well from our 601 community.

We received more work than we can ever show. It was a great honor to get a peek at where everyone’s head is at, and learn how the global pandemic is influencing how we think about our art practices. What emerged was not one but several shows, each small enough to consume in one sitting and savor each artwork. 

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